For the past 24 years or so, I have been "in the game", watching and being a part of football and its seasons, more intimately than I did years earlier, when I was young girl watching my dad. Games, practices, camps and scrimmages that I have witnessed from sky boxes, sitting in the stands, standing on the sidelines and from the perfect spot on my couch, are experiences that have shown me an outlook that I wouldn't have otherwise had and a camaraderie, I wouldn't know.   

Over the years, I've built some amazing friendships with many "football moms". Being women first, our commonality extended beyond football, but our connection started there. After being asked to write a book or blog, my response to that was creating a community; a team for us! 

To kickoff, I've asked some of my friends, who are either married to athletes, have sons who are athletes or both to contribute. We'll meet "on the sidelines" and "in the stands" to share lessons, stories, recipes and anecdotes about raising boys, football, food, love and much more that the big game - life - has taught us. I hope you will come!. 

xoxo, gina


The X's and O's

Football. Life. Raising Boys.