Saturday, my baby ran out with the flag...honestly, I was most excited to see ---that even by himself, he stopped a moment to pray. Someone asked me what was my position on "all this flag and anthem controversy"...and I "must've been proud that my son chose to not protest". My response went sort of like this: "Sir, with all due respect...this was an act of pride, but mostly obedience. He did what he was asked to do...and leading your team to do anything evokes pride! We live in an area where confederate flags fly freely, Civil War Generals are still celebrated all but weekly and the KKK walks around openly. These flags are not symbolic of how someone feels about me. My children went to school with people who wouldn't speak to me beyond the school grounds and I'm still watched when I go to certain stores. So, I'm not terribly moved - either way- that he ran down the field, with a flag in his hand...I'm most impressed with how he runs every day he's given...with what's in his heart. So to flag or not to flag means nothing to me. You can remove them all and ban them everywhere or not, because if you don't remove and change what's in people's still won't matter."

xoxo, gina