Growing up in the south, coming together for meals always meant a time of sharing, patience and love. Family dinners afforded the subconscious opportunity of equalizing everyone and bringing everyone seated, to the same place, at the same time, for the same objective. Eating was the goal and is a basic universal need, but more than that...the table represents and supports the idea of community. No matter what your week or day brought, no matter what neighborhood you lived in, school you attended or church you belonged the table: the food in front of us, linked something for us. Every day meals, offer a connection to spouses, children, friends, colleagues by sitting down and simply starting with: How are you? or How was your day? The meal, nor the menu is important here. Being at the table, is what matters most; a place to connect, talk, share, engage and BE. 

Even during meetings, while seated at a conference table, I have found myself saying things like ---"at the table" it's a safe place, there's no wrong answers at the table, there's no judgment at the table, thus, creating a place and agreeing on the idea of coming together and sharing thoughts, plans and mistakes, was fine and could all be present; but patience, understanding, and respect would also abide.

In many of our homes, the table serves as a multi function resource. It holds food at dinner, art supplies during crafting, papers and plans when working, fabrics when sewing and so much more. Symbolically and tangibly able to adapt and be used however it's needed, The Table will be a hub that represents coming together, in many different ways. 

My father taught me, that you learn a lot about a person when you eat with them. Titles, degrees, socioeconomic differences, nor backgrounds matter at the table. Because of my experiences,  I wanted to present something, that would allow me to use my voice and influence to be a solution and part of the change that's needed to address misunderstandings, prejudices and racial inequality. I also wanted a way to celebrate and empower. Effecting and affecting change in the world is a huge task, but it starts with one step and right where you are. In response to the ever-changing needs in our community, THE TABLE was just the place we needed to bring  women together.  My hope is The Table will allow us the place and time to prepare a spread that reflects, reveals, repairs and resolves. And for dessert: change and empowerment. Every time we sit down, you have an open invitation to come. My prayer is, you'll join us at The Table.