My assignment has always been to connect. I am supposed to connect like minded and spirited people, so they can  sharpen each other, learn from each other, and grow from one another, as they work to achieve their common goals. I was beginning to notice a pattern. We had interns at work, and some of them weren't letting go of me and I wasn't letting go of them. Continuing a relationship that started with them in college and it being strengthened over the years that followed, by this thing called: life. Simultaneously, many artists were reaching out to me. They always have, but there were more and more. They needed consulting, management, marketing, bookings, and promotions. For years, I recommended my colleagues for the work that I couldn't do or wasn't interested in doing. 

A few years ago, there was an insurgence of celebrations. It seemed that, that year everyone was celebrating 20, 25 or 30 years in the music industry. While, I have been to many celebrations myself and think it's amazing to have such longevity, it left me wondering. For years there have been many conversations and much dialogue that asked the questions: where are the artists? Where are the new artists? It seemed to some folks that the same 4 or 5 artists were getting all the opportunities. Surely there are others? Well, it was that exact thought, that left me with...but where are the Executives? Where is the young blood and talent pool of women that can be recommended? Where is the next generation of young people who will do the jobs that have been sustaining the music industry for the last 25-30 years? From my seat, I was concerned. Not just regarding the need for new talent and artists, but who and where are the people that will be responsible for developing and shaping the careers of the new artists?

My experiences screamed that if you love music and want a career in music then that left you able to be a musician, music / band teacher or artist. Working in the music industry was not presented as a viable option for me growing up and I certainly didn't know about all the 100's of career paths and the different people it takes to truly make the music world go around. I asked God to show me and use me, like I always do. What am I supposed to do? What do you need me to do? I heard loud and clear: connect women like you. Bring them to "the table" and see where their interests are, but see WHO they are. Your responsibility will be to mentor them as they build their businesses, so they are equipped for what's ahead...and prepared to be in position for some of the jobs that will  open up, from veterans leaving. All I wanted was to see them be exceptional business women! I gathered who God said gather. That's a whole 'NOTHER story. In some cases connecting strangers saying, I know you know me, but God spoke saying you are supposed to be a part of "a thing, that He and I are doing, with women that you may not know". Lol. Nobody laughed or said my face...initially...Now they may have thought it strange, but they all said yes. That illustration has been one of the most tangible that I can explain as it relates to faith. Maybe I should address that in a blog called Faithing with G. See what I did there?

It didn't take me long to conclude that in order for us to be exceptional business women, a larger part of my responsibility would be, to make sure the we were the most exceptional women first, that we could BE! That idea shifted my entire purpose in how we would affect each other, and develop together. Some I've known longer, others shorter...but in this setting; it's been more than two years since I've been connected to these wonderful women, in this way. We've formed an amazing bond: nurturing, correcting, helping, strengthening, supporting and sharpening each other along the way. 

I remember the day, I asked you're going to have me put these women together that share the same passions and purpose, but nothing will be produced from what You've planted? He said, "in time". I understood that meant they needed to get their businesses rolling, make some mistakes and be successful...then whatever else that was supposed to come, would come. I understood as jobs, artists, and various opportunities came to me; I was supposed to recommend them. I understand now, that whatever comes to me now, that I can still share with them is great...but there's another level of opportunity in this world, that's up to us to create. 

We can not be afraid of succession. None of us will be or should be doing the jobs we are in forever. As a leader, you should be pouring into someone, and have someone set up; serving for succession. We also have to learn how to support each other, by swimming in someone else's stream. If we are to keep this industry going, we have to keep this model going. We have to be willing to model, teach, share, encourage, exchange ideas and impart about the music business, so there is a real understanding of the business, while creating platforms and jobs for the music and entertainment industry, and supporting entrepreneurs and business owners whose commerce and skills are needed in the various capacities of this industry...if there will be an industry. 

The Executives Ink are a group of BOSS CHICS. FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS who are leaders in their respective industries. Having created, established, and grown their businesses individually, TOGETHER, they will change the entertainment industry. Because of their foundation, drive, wisdom, skill set, creativity, business acumen and faith; the Music, TV, Film & Media world, will be --- no longer what it used to be, not settling for what it is supposed to be or could be; but not stopping, until it IS all it can and will #BE!

xoxo, gina

Meet The Executives INK

che'la mcintyre

*Call me for: Television Production, Event Management and Branding/Graphic Design* 

Some girls grow up with visions of fairy tales and the desire to be known as princesses or celebrities, but this princess has always been driven by the desire to simply be herself. ChéLa McIntyre’s personal fairy tale stars a small town girl from Chesapeake, VA, turned Television/Event Producer and Creative Brand Consultant who moves to Los Angeles, CA, to pursue her dreams with nothing but prayer, hope, two bags, a buddy pass, and pocket change. Starting as an intern for BET Networks while still earning a Music Business/Classical Voice degree at Howard University in Washington, DC, ChéLa had a hunger to succeed. Her hunger to learn more about her craft led her to receiving a Masters of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. Marrying her wits with her talents she jetted from the East Coast to the land of stars in Hollywood, CA and has quickly risen from her intern days to become a Television Producer in full bloom with credits including: Oxygen Network’s Preachers Franchise ("Preachers of LA", “Preachers of Detroit", and “Preachers of Atlanta") and the new hit series "Living With Funny"; CBS’ renown "Undercover Boss"; BET Network’s "Music Moguls", “#TheWestbrooks", "Celebration of Gospel", "Sunday Best", and "Bobby Jones Gospel" (the longest running television show in cable history); Relevé Entertainment’s "The Merge Summit” in Los Angeles and Merge Symposiums across the United States; and much more. Today ChéLa dedicates her skills and education solely to making inspiration contagious with quality content that pushes audiences to infuse growth, change, and hope into mainstream society. Along her journey, she co-founded several unique branding and marketing platforms for artists: Praise {BREAK}, the{BREAK}, and the{BREAK}Magazine. These platforms were created to be the arms, legs, feet, and creative brain team to assist with giving a clear, distinct, and personal voice to creators and change-makers. Unifying her own gifts and talents under one monicker, LYRICMONÉT, ChéLa provides brand consultation, event, and television production services to Inspirational clients across the nation. The happily ever after of this fairy tale is simply the inspiration this princess is destined to leave behind.

To contact Che'la, please do so at: | FB, Twitter, Instagram: @lyricmonet

tiffany price

*Call me for: Production needs - Event Planning/Management, Talent Coordination/Management and Stage Management*

Tiffany Price is a native of St. Louis, Mo. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband of 11 years and their two beautiful children. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and is employed as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Medicine at a Level II Trauma hospital.
In 2010 she co-founded C-Note Entertainment, a full service marketing and event planning firm.  This driven production professional has traveled the world working in a multitude of leadership roles including Talent Producer; Line Producer; Talent Coordinator;  Stage Manager and Production Manager.  Her production credits include Allstate Gospel Superfest, AARP Gospel Celebration; Trumpet Awards; Sunday Best; and Willie Moore Jr.'s "Flatout TV".



t'mil curtis

Have you ever met someone that somewhat does it all? That's Lady T'Mil Curtis for sure! She's a well rounded expert in the areas of marketing, ministry, public speaking, event production, promotion, and the list goes on.From the inner city of Chicago, born and raised, T'Mil is cultured and comes fashioned with impressive knowledge and education about a variety of things. She attended an Episcopalian Grammar School. Being a fast learner and always loving a challenge, she graduated early at age 16 with a 3.5 GPA after dropping out her senior year. "All I want is for people to be encouraged, be edified, be empowered, so that they can simply be" - Lady T'Mil. Lady T'Mil utilizes her gifts of administration, teaching and exhortation to propel individuals to higher levels in their respective arenas be it in ministry or the mainstream marketplace.  On top of all the hands on work that she does in these arenas, she's also an author and blogger. Her writings are known to consistently provoke people to not only think, but, to think at a higher level and from a fresher perspective. She can be counted on to ignite conversations that are significant and memorable.An advocate for education and a recipient of a dual Masters in Education and Pastoral Counseling, T'Mil has also assisted in the creation and structuring of ministries, prophetic schools, and accredited bible colleges. Of course there are more hats that she has worn and worn well, such as: Pastor of Music, Youth Pastor, Pastor of Christian Education, and Executive Pastor.It doesn't matter what room her gifts make for her, the title that brings her the most honor is "servant". At the heart of every endeavor is the desire to simply serve.After having her hands in so much, you're probably wondering "what more can she possibly do?" Well, at present, Lady T'Mil serves the vision of her father, Dr. Levi R. King Sr, the Overseer of Gateway Area Bible Fellowship Apostolic Church (GABFAC) in Cahokia, IL. There she operates as part of the Five Star Council of Interdenominational College of Apostles and Bishops. She is CEO of T.A.C.ful Enterprises, LLC, a professional corporation that helps manage, develop, promote, establish, equip, and distribute. Music, Media & Ministry. Additionally, she is an associate of the Gospel Music Workshop of America Gospel Announcer’s Guild, where she served as the National Sergeant-At-Arms for 10 years and presently serves as the Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms under the new leaders. She is also a member of various other music associations including SAGAMA, NARAS and GMA.  She is currently the National Promotions Director of Gospel USA Magazine and a featured writer for The Gospel Revue magazine; and a proud member of the National Black Journalist of America along with other literary organizations. Lady TMil recently earned co-producer credits with the Dr. Alyn E. Waller presents Enon Tabernacle "the experience" where she landed on both the Billboard hot single sales at #1 for 5 consecutive weeks and Billboard top 25 gospel albums for 16 weeks. Aside from all of the business and ministry roles, T'Mil is a simple, yet complex personality. She loves everything girlie while being a sports lover, enjoys music and TV production, is a proud nerd, an unapologetic lover of all genres of music from classical, to jazz, to gospel, to country. It goes without that she loves makeup and stilettos and everything else about being a women although she was once a tomboy.

For more information or to contact Lady T'Mil, please do so at:
Facebook: T'Mil Curtis
IG, Twitter and Periscope @itsladytmil

cat marie

*Call me for: Administration, Consulting and Event Management*

Cat Marie is the owner of Vaib Productions, a grassroots events and talent management company whose mission is to cultivate emerging artists, organizations and events from the ground up. She has over eight years of experience helping individuals and small businesses organize and manage their narrative. She assist clients by reviewing their past, examining their present and exploring their future needs as it relates to communicating their unique story through various mediums including music, events and communications. Some of her clients include: Pur Productions, Rebirth Live, Ron Gilmore Music, Love Jade Incorporated, BGV Live, The Mic Toss and Shut Up and Sing Open Mic.

 She received her Bachelor of Science in the Business Management with a concentration in the Recording Industry and Entrepreneurship from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. She is currently seeking her Masters of Science in Transformative Leadership with a concentration in Ethical, Organizational and Multicultural Global Leadership from Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL.

 Cat Marie is a native of Nashville, TN and is passionate about her work in serving artists, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, communities of worship and startup companies. For more information about her company visit

*Call me for: Administration, Consulting and Event Management*

tomika webb

*Call me for: Public Speaking, Talent, Event, Project Management and Product Placement (cd's, books, etc.)*

Tomika Webb has always had a love for building, inspiring, and entertaining people.  Her professional journey in the television and radio industry began in 2000 when she started writing scripts for morning shows as a news producer and delivering inspiring stories as a news reporter at a local TV station in Valdosta, GA . Her professional career in television has allowed her to work for the top three major television news networks in the world; NBC, CBS, and Fox News, in several Top 50 and Top 100 markets in the US.  WALBTV10 (Albany, Georgia), CBS47News (Jacksonville, FLA), and WTOCTV (Savannah, GA) are just a few of the stations that positioned Tomika to become a well sought after public speaker and host, locally and nationally. Her experience also opened up doors for her to write for several media entities, freelance produce, and scout talent for independent projects and events. Eventually with all she had learned through experience and her education, she started her first entertainment business in 2012, The Impact Agency LLC. Through this company she has been able to manage the careers of music artists and entertainers, and also create and produce several corporate, community, and faith-based events in the Atlanta area. This has expanded Tomika’s reach to people and allows her to build the careers of people in the media and entertainment industry, bring faith-based events to the City of Atlanta's communities, and create media strategies for those who are need of media placement/awareness. Tomika has a Bachelor's degree in Communications, a Master's Degree in Business Administration, is currently seeking a Master of Divinity, and is a Certified Life Coach. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Tomika is location pastor at Spirit and Life Bible Church in Tucker, GA., a Public Speaker, and Professional Event Host. She hopes to continue fulfilling her purpose by impacting people, companies, businesses, families and communities by producing and managing amazing events, building careers, providing amazing entertainment; and by developing, cultivating and managing those individuals who are called to the media and entertainment industry. She recently launched her own radio show “Living Your Best Life” with Tomika Webb which can be heard all over the world and has just penned her first book "Saving Many Lives". She is the mother of two beautiful teenage girls, Akeri and NaJai. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA and loves to sing, write, walk in the park, read, and watch HGTV.


raven adair

*Call me for: Contract Consulting, Imaging, Target Audience Marketing*

My name is Raven Adair. I am a Memphis Native and Graduate of Whitehaven High School. I furthered my education at Middle Tennessee State University where I earned my BS in Political Science. I am currently employed with TN Dept of Correction where I serve as a Probation and Parole officer. I am pursuing my Masters in Criminal Justice while juggling being a mom, working on my own music business and striving to fulfill a life long goal of attending law school to become an attorney specializing in entertainment law! My hearts desire are to aspire and a mentoring program to mentor young ladies with incarcerated mothers is currently in the works!I'm the type of girl who knows what she wants and stops at nothing to get it!

I am also the founder of Raven's Nest, where the mission is to motivate, empower, encourage, and support in an uplifting, caring, and non-judgemental environment! Raven's Nest is a mentoring program geared towards mentoring teen girls with incarcerated mothers and/or incarcerated fathers. Raven's Nest was motivated by a Prison Ministry in which the focus was that of incarcerated females with children. It was there, that founder, Raven A. Adair got her inspiration to be a beckon of light to teen girls who were unfortunately without a mother due to the "system." As an Officer of the Court and a employee in the criminal justice field, she was awakened to the harsh reality that a motherless daughter and a broken child was more prone to be sucked up in the cycle of that of her mother. The rapid increase of young females committing crimes as well as those involved in gangs was less to be talked about and more to be acted upon. It was then, that she realized it was her time to Act! It is her hopes that she will be a positive impact on those she can reach and a nest for those who feel as though they left the nest too early due to choices out of their control. 

bridgett hobbs

*Call me for: Photography, Graphic Design and Branding*

Being a true creative at heart, Bridgett's true passion lies within the arts. Whether it is photographing in the studio or designing for a client, Bridgett naturally thrives in a creative atmosphere. She originally attended and graduated with honors in both Criminal Justice and Political Science at age 20 from Ball State University, however soon after, she made the rewarding decision to pursue her first love, the arts. Bridgett is currently the owner of DreamlandLife Design Studio. She excels in providing great images and wonderful memories for her clients. Her services include but are not limited to weddings, lifestyle portraits, newborn and child photography, special events, graphic design, and more. Bridgett's clientele has expanded to over 7 different states, and has her landed her portfolio in various arenas, including a featured image Early 2016, she launched yet another facet of her company by offering graphic and web design services. With a family background in music, Bridgett has been afforded the opportunity to not only work with artists and professionals in the entertainment and music industry, but she has also garnered lasting relationships as well, utilizing her skills and gifts to offer creative branding, photography and design services on a regular basis. Bridgett is currently a resident of Indianapolis, IN. She enjoys shopping, relaxing, indulging in her love of pizza and creating Pinterest-inspired DIY home interior projects in her free time.

For more information, Bridgett can be reached at Website: