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My ex husband played college football, and he also played in the NFL. Both of our sons play football right now; one in high school and one in college. Both have played football all of their lives, along with several team sports. I really should formally calculate how many games I think I've watched. By the time you add practice, camps, scrimmages, and backyard fun; let's just say I've seen first hand, my fair share. For the past 24 years or so, these games and experiences have shown me an outlook that I wouldn't have otherwise had. 

I watch, I ask questions, I listen and for years I have written down notes, which I now see as life lessons, inspired

not just sitting and looking cute "in the stands", but this perspective was born --- standing, watching wins, losses, injuries, almost moments and so much more, in the sun and the rain, "from the field". 

Sideline life moments that I have shared, not just with my fellas, but with other women. Women who had similar observations because they were, "on my team". In more ways than one, not just literally but physically, emotionally, and figuratively.  

Over the years, I've built some amazing friendships with many "football moms". 

Being women first, our commonality surpassed football, but our connection started there. Women, whose common threads and concerns  are relationships, marriage, womanhood, life after the game, starting over, being entrepreneurs, finances, health, meal planning, motherhood, self love and care.

Over the years, I've been asked to blog or write a book. This is my response, right now to that.

This is my answer to that. I thought the best first step was to create a community for us. I've ask some of my friends, who are either married to athletes, have sons who are athletes or both to contribute. We'll meet here "In The Stands" to talk and share. 

We will address everything from women who want to understand the rules of the game, preparing your student athlete for college and/or life after football, game day hosting along with tried and true recipes for every day living...and much more. Obviously, with the lessons about life, that the game of life has taught us, will lead the way. 

If you want to join us; I invite you to stand with us. 


The X's and O's Lessons About Life, Love and Raising Boys