what is the be conference?

The BE Conference is an extension of The BE Movement, which has been established to inspire and help women from high school to 50+, with tailored activities that speak to age, needs and goal. The conference was designed to bring everyone together in hopes that we recognize more times than not, that we may have entered The BE Spot with different backgrounds, issues, and expectations, we are all one thing first and foremost and that's women. Out of this commonality and engagement, our conference leaves you encouraged, inspired and hopeful. Beyond that, we are equipped to also leave you with a plan. Once assessment and evaluation is made---curriculum and content is created to support the results we seek. Our conference and events approach in each city, takes on the personality of the women who attend and what they want to gain. Being as flexible as we are, ultimately the foundation of the conference is to guide attendees to a place of realization that they are already enough and have enough; confirming and guiding them to use what they have to become who they want to BE.